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We can't do what we do without the support of parents and community members like you.

Your volunteer hours directly help students by ensuring we keep our costs as low as we can. We need your help to spread the word about the amazing work the Foundation does. We are seeing the following volunteers:

School Liaison "Ambassadors"

Help increase awareness and participation of the Foundation within your school community through the creation of school-based liaisons, called "Ambassadors". We are seeking a Foundation school Ambassador or co-Ambassadors at each school in the Lake Oswego School District. Learn more here.


Consider joining a committee!

This is a great way to get involved with the Lake Oswego Schools Foundation and our schools without the larger commitment or joining our board of directors. The Foundation has six active committees which align with our mission. The committees are:

Events Committee

This committee plans and executes events for the organization, with a dedicated focus on donor cultivation that foster meaningful connections with donors and the wider community. These events are designed to engage, recognize, and appreciate donors, ultimately strengthening their relationships with LOSF and inspiring continued support for our mission and initiatives. Our main events are the Starkweather Donor Appreciation party, the Gala and New Family welcome happy hour. 

Board Development Committee

This committee strategically plans and evaluates our board needs focused on cultivating an effective and diverse board of directors. This committee plays a central role in identifying, recruiting, and retaining board members with the necessary skills, experience, and passion to drive the nonprofit's mission. They also provide ongoing training and support to ensure all board members are well-equipped to fulfill their roles. Furthermore, the committee promotes board diversity, inclusion, and evaluation, fostering a robust and engaged board that is well-prepared to guide the organization in its pursuit of positive impact and long-term sustainability. This committee is also responsible for the annual board evaluation for the annual meeting.

Finance and Governance Committee

This committee oversees fiscal matters, including budgeting, financial reporting, and investment strategies. It also plays a vital role in upholding governance standards, ethics, and legal compliance. Committee members review financial documents, set financial policies, and provide guidance on financial planning. Additionally, they ensure the organization adheres to regulatory requirements, evaluates internal controls, and maintains transparency.

Marketing Committee

Is the driving force behind our outreach and visibility, responsible for creating and implementing marketing strategies that raise awareness, engage the community, and attract supporters. They harness various communication channels to convey the nonprofit's mission, impact, and value to the public. The committee collaborates on branding, social media campaigns, website content, and public relations efforts. Their goal is to inspire action, whether in the form of advocacy but not, volunteerism, and donations or thereby amplifying the nonprofit's reach and capacity to effect positive change in the community.

Fundraising, Annual Campaign

Is the engine behind the organization's major fundraising efforts: the Annual Campaign. Comprised of dedicated board members and volunteers, this committee orchestrates the annual campaign, a critical initiative to secure funds for the nonprofit's mission. They strategize, plan, and execute comprehensive fundraising activities; leverage donor relationships and creative approaches to achieve financial goals. By fostering donor engagement and community support, this committee sustains the organization's impact and ensures its continued success in addressing vital community needs. The Lake Oswego Schools Foundation annual Phone-athon is the flagship fundraising effort and this committee will plan and lead the efforts of the organization.

Fundraising, Endowment Campaign

Is responsible for managing and promoting the organization's endowment campaign. This dedicated group of board members and volunteers works to secure long-term financial stability by encouraging donors to make enduring contributions. Their efforts help ensure the nonprofit's ongoing sustainability, allowing it to fulfill its mission and vision for years to come.


Pledge Sheets for Elementary Schools August 2023 COMPLETE - THANK YOU NCL!
Fall is the time we welcome students back to school and introduce the Foundation’s annual campaign. Help photocopy, prepare, sort and deliver Pledge Sheets that are provided to every family at each elementary school. Sign up here

Donor Athletic Pass Mailing August 2023 COMPLETE - THANK YOU NCL!
One of the exciting benefits of being a Starkweather level donor to the Foundation is the Lake Oswego School District Athletic Pass. Each August, these passes need to be mailed to qualifying district families. Help prepare and get these out the door ahead of the year’s sports season. Sign up here

Fall Phone-athon October 2023 COMPLETE - THANK YOU Volunteer Parents and Students who called!
The Lake Oswego Schools Foundation Phone-athon is a fall tradition and significant fundraising event for the organization. Join us as we make calls to district families reminding them about the foundation and accept their pledge or donation over the phone. This opportunity is available for three different nights; dinner and training provided. Sign up here

Gala 2024 February 3, 2024 - COMPLETE - THANK YOU VOLUNTEERS!

We can use your help to make our Gala sparkle! Please click the "SIGN UP!" button above to see shifts and sign up.

“Spring” Phone-athon February 2024 - COMPLETE - THANK YOU FOUNDATION BOARD
The Lake Oswego Schools Foundation Phone-a-Thon is a spring tradition and significant fundraising event for the organization. Join us as we make calls to district families reminding them about the foundation and accept their pledge or donation over the phone. This opportunity is available for three different nights.

If you're interested in volunteering, please email Whitney Woolf.

Join your community in supporting the Foundation.

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