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Additional Giving Options

Additional Ways to Financially Support the Foundation

Without Writing a Check or Using a Credit Card

There are many ways to financially support the Lake Oswego Schools Foundation without actually writing a check or running a credit card! Be sure to let us know when you utilize one of these avenues as we want to be sure to recognize you in our annual report (easy fillable form here).

Cans for Kids at New Seasons

Mountian Park and McVey Locations

How to Participate:

Through a cooperative with New Seasons and Oregon Beverage Recycling, your used cans and bottles become a lucrative funding source for the Lake Oswego Schools Foundation.

Here’s how it works: Bring your cans and bottles to the Mountain Park New Seasons or  the McVey New Seasons location. Look for the recycling center and find the one marked “Cans for Kids” - you’ll see a (slightly smaller) BLUE Oregon Recycling Beverage bag. Drop your cans and bottles in and voila, we receive money each quarter. It’s that easy!

Optional: Please fill out this quick form to let us know who to thank in our Annual Report. Thank you!

Fred Meyer Rewards

Any Fred Meyer or Kroger Entity

How to Participate:

Please link your Fred Meyer rewards card to Lake Oswego Schools Foundation. Visit their Community Rewards site and type in “Lake Oswego Schools Foundation” or “94-3028590” then click the blue “enroll” button. We receive donations quarterly. Thank you!

Note:  Fred Meyer follows their privacy policy and does not share any personally identifying information so we won’t know who to thank. 

Optional: Please fill out this quick form to let us know who to thank in our Annual Report. Thank you!

"Host" a dining out night at your school for the Foundation

How to Participate:

1. Reach out to us to let us know of your intention (we will also assist if you need information such as our non-profit status, etc)

2. Reach out to a local restaurant of your choice or choose from one of our preferred partners:

  • Subway (local owner is an LOSD parent!)
  • Pizzicato
  • California Pizza Kitchen

3. Secure a date

4. Promote it! Work with your school to promote through newsletter, flyer etc. We will provide anything you need such as verbiage, creation of flyer, newsletter article, etc. We will also help promote it through our social media, etc.

Company Paid Volunteering

How to Participate:  

Some companies pay their employees for volunteer hours; see if your company is one of them! You can check here to see if your company has a paid volunteer program.

Donor Advised Fund (DAFT) Designation

How to Participate: 

The Lake Oswego Schools Foundation is a designee of any donor-advised fund (DAF). You can make a gift to the Lake Oswego Schools Foundation through your donor-advised fund (DAF) by taking one of the following steps:

• Log into your DAF online and select “Lake Oswego School District Foundation” EIN: 94-3028590
• Contact the administrator of your DAF and tell them to make a gift to the Lake Oswego Schools Foundation (or “Lake Oswego School District Foundation”) EIN 94-3028590


More information coming soon!

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