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We have attempted to answer the most common questions about the Lake Oswego Schools Foundation. If you still have a question, please go to the Contact page and call or email your question(s).

  1. What is the Lake Oswego Schools Foundation?

    The Lake Oswego Schools Foundation is an independent, non-profit organization that through the support of the community raises money to provide more educational opportunities for students in Lake Oswego schools. All funds raised are distributed across all schools in the Lake Oswego School district for the benefit of each and every student.

  2. Why do we need a foundation?

    A high quality education requires more funding than state and local taxes provide.

    Lake Oswego is fortunate to have a Foundation. Neighboring communities make up their difference in ways that sacrifice learning opportunities, such as much larger schools and fewer class choices. The educational opportunities your Foundation donations afford our students is why many have chosen to live in Lake Oswego.

    Our community’s legacy of supporting public education helps ensure all students receive their best public education possible. Foundation support is one of the main reasons why Lake Oswego schools have consistently ranked number one in the state, and among the top in the nation.

  3. What is the Foundation's history?

    Lake Oswego Schools Foundation was started by a parent of two students enrolled in Lake Oswego schools who had a passion for education and our community. Joel Kuntz worked with parents, teachers, administration and elected board members to create a foundation for our community to ensure greater learning opportunities for students. The Foundation began granting funds in 1997. More than 30 years later the mission of the Foundation remains and Joel continues to contribute to the Foundation.

  4. Where does my money go?

    Foundation donations give all Lake Oswego students greater opportunities to flourish. Your Foundation donations fund teachers who make many of these opportunities possible. It’s because of Foundation support, every elementary student has music instruction and reading assistance. And, every middle and high school student is offered an unmatched selection of electives in science, technology and the arts.

  5. How much money has the Foundation raised?

    Our community has contributed more than $30 million to the Foundation over the past three decades. More than 85 percent of parents support the Foundation during their student’s tenure in Lake Oswego schools.

  6. How does the Foundation raise money?

    Commitments of time, talent and treasure have helped the Foundation raise millions of dollars year after year for more than three decades.

    The more than a million of dollars raised each year comes from thousands of individual parents, grandparents, community residents and local businesses making donations to the Foundation. More than 80 percent of the funds raised comes from parents of current students donating personal funds, and seeking company matches. The other 20 percent comes from parents of alumni, grandparents, community residents and location businesses. The average annual donation is about $950.

  7. Can I see the Foundation's financial reports?

    Yes. To access that information, please contact the Foundation's Executive Director by phone (503.534.2106).

  8. Who decides where my donations goes?

    The Foundation has a strict Memorandum of Understanding with the Superintendent of Schools that stipulates all money provided to Lake Oswego School District is used solely for teaching staffs’ salaries and wages. Based on School Board policy, the Foundation is the only fundraising entity that may provide voluntary funds for teaching staff in the Lake Oswego School District.

  9. Who is on the Board?

    The Lake Oswego Schools Foundation Board of Directors is comprised of volunteers from each Lake Oswego school, as well as residents in our community. Board members serve two-year terms, up to three terms. Board members participate in monthly board meetings, serve on a committee, and attend Foundation events, as well as make personally meaningful financial contributions to the Foundation. The Foundation accepts applications, conducts interviews and nominates members for the board each spring.

  10. How can I give?

    The Foundation’s goal is to encourage all parents, as well as grandparents and residents, to donate. Donations of every amount are welcome and appreciated. Being a supporter of the Foundation is an important way you are part of Lake Oswego community’s investment in education.

    Be a sustaining supporter with a recurring monthly or quarterly donation.

    Make an impact with a one-time gift.

    Pledge your support and you will receive reminders to make your donation.

    Volunteer your time and share your talents. The Foundation is powered by your commitment.

  11. What are the giving categories?

    There are several categories of giving ranging from $1–$499 up to the $10,000 and above. For more information, please click the link to Levels of Support. All of our donors are acknowledged in the Foundation’s annual report distributed to all households in the community in November.

  12. Are donations tax-deductible? What is your Federal Tax ID number?

    Contributions to the Foundation are exempt from federal income tax under section 170c of the Internal Revenue Code. Our Tax ID number is 94-3028590.

  13. Can I give stocks or leave a gift in my will?

    Yes, the Foundation welcomes charitable gifts of securities. You will receive a tax deduction equal to the stock’s market value. To give stock, simply download the Authorization Form to begin the process.

    Planned gifts or bequests made your will, trust or retirement can be donated to the Endowment Fund, which ensures quality education for the students of Lake Oswego now and in perpetuity.

  14. Can I earmark my donation for a specific school?

    No. Your gifts to the Foundation benefit each and every student in Lake Oswego schools and help ensure Lake Oswego community’s legacy of educational excellence.

  15. What's in it for me?

    There is a reason why you have chosen Lake Oswego. Good schools are the cornerstone of a vibrant community. A high-performing school system helps your property and business retain its value and well-educated citizens serve us all as a society.

    Lake Oswego community’s legacy of supporting the Foundation support is one of the main reasons why Lake Oswego schools have consistently ranked number one in the state, and among the top in the nation.

  16. How can I get more information?

    Please get in touch! We’re happy to provide more information via phone or email.

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