Short Film Series: Supporting Bright Futures

Lake Oswego Schools Foundation will be releasing seven short films this year that feature local students, teachers and community members. Please bookmark this page and come back often throughout the 2017-18 school year to get inspired by these incredible stories.

Pillars of the Community

Film 3 of 7 | 6:38

Local residents share their impressions on the impact of the Lake Oswego Schools Foundation – from the amazing effect that motivated teachers and a diverse curriculum have on local students to how our educational excellence benefits our community as a whole.

Making Mary Poppins

Film 1 of 7 | 2:25

Talented student actress and singer Sarah DeYoung and her demanding drama teacher and director Andrew Ballnik talk about how Lakeridge High continues to break new ground in theater and how this year’s performance of Mary Poppins came together.

Presidential Qualities

Film 2 of 7 | 3:00

Slimm Hudson talks about how terrified she was when she first entered Lake Oswego High School as a new student in the district and how her science teacher, Steven Huss, made time for her and gave her the encouragement she needed to come out of her shell, become an A student and eventually be elected ASB president.

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Meet our executive director
Mary Kay Larson

Why do we need the Lake Oswego Schools Foundation if we already have bonds and parent clubs raising money? Why does the Lake Oswego School District rely on your donations for something as important as hiring and retaining teachers? Our executive director Mary Kay Larson answers these important questions and provides a useful overview of exactly where your donations to the Foundation go each year.

Mary Kay - Welcome to 2017-18 School Year (length 3:18)

A bright future starts with a brilliant education.

For the past 30 years, Lake Oswego Schools Foundation has supported teachers. In our new video, you’ll see firsthand how teachers supported by the Foundation have shaped the lives of students and encouraged them to achieve their dreams. Hear stories from former students who attribute their success to the outstanding education they received in Lake Oswego and see how they have gone on to inspire others right here in the community. Please support this legacy of education excellence by making a donation today.

See why supporting teachers is so vital for our kids.

Our video gives you a rare glimpse inside the classrooms and school hallways of Lake Oswego. You’ll hear directly from administrators, teachers and students. You’ll also see first-hand why supporting teachers is so critical to providing a world-class education for our kids. If you’re inspired by what you see, please take a moment to support exceptional teachers throughout our district by making a donation to the Lake Oswego Schools Foundation today.